How O2 used flexible working to reduce energy cost

In early 2012 O2 put their business to the test and asked 2,500 employees to work away from the Slough Head Office for one day. The lessons they learnt changed the Company.

  • People work more productively and get more out of their day. 96% say they’re as effective as normal.
  • Saving of £7,000 for every desk no longer required.
  • People are making a typical saving of up to 1.5 hours a day on their daily commute.
  • Saving of 25 tonnes of carbon on the day.
  • 85% say flexible working is now part of their normal working lives.

 Read the complete article on the O2 website.

Stephen Kimbell is a specialist in business strategy and deal doing. He is an investor, an entrepreneur and an experienced non-executive director. During his many years in the corporate finance world, as a lawyer, a company director and as an academic, Stephen has helped numerous companies achieve success.